Electric Buggy

The buggy has come a long way as a golf-cart. Modern buggies are powered by rechargeable batteries and make excellent transport and utility vehicles. Buggies nowadays are specially designed for various applications and our range span from classic to conventional and modern in design. The choice for using buggies over other vehicles stems from the eco-friendly advantage and low noise.

They are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Seating capacity range from 2 to 16 persons with models specially designed for utility purposes fitted with storage box etc. They are suited for a wide variety of applications in many places from private, commercial to industrial areas.

Applications :   Housing Projects, Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Eco Parks, Agro Parks, Airports, University Campus, Building Sites, Industrial Facilities, Warehouses, Car Parks, Hypermarkets, Hospitals, Zoos, Sporting Venues, Exhibitions, Event Sites etc.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass are man-made lawn/turf surface of synthetic material that are made to look like natural grass. The synthetic grass has many advantages over natural grass.

  •   It practically requires very little maintenance, saves cost and time to upkeep.

    - No mowing required
    - No watering required
    - No fertilizing required
    - No muddy patches
    - Usable throughout the year

  •   It is perfect for areas with little or no sunshine as well as nooks and corners of covered areas and paths.

  •   Suitable for indoor gardens, rooftop gardens and areas where natural grass will not thrive so well.

The synthetic grass have high UV-resistance and is available in few colors for various application in landscaping for home and commercial areas as well as for sports facilities etc.

Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge

Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge is specially designed for decorating vertical surfaces such as walls, pillars and for creating hedges. Its average size and weight makes it suitable for decorating walls and constructing hedges with an interlocking tile feature and a slightly flexible base that can be easily fixed onto wood surfaces by stapling or fastening onto wire mesh structures by using twist tie garden wires. Our Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge is leafy and natural looking with a beautiful color hue of emerald green and jade green. The design resembles the Buxus plant which is usually known as "boxwood" or "milan grass", commomly use for creating hedges and other topiary. The artficial grass looks aesthetically realistic with high density leaf arrangement and thick stem height. It is suitable for Indoor and Semi-Outdoor applications which is a wonderful material for enhancing various spaces. Creatively decorate your living space with Artificial Grass for Wall & Hedge to create a comfortable and beautiful garden ambience.

Applications:   Vertical Garden, Garden Concept, Feature Wall, Hedge, Wall Decoration, Signage, Showcase, Events, Shop Display, Concourse, Foyer, Lobby, Reception Area, Cafe & Bakery, Restaurant, Sidewalk, Banquet, Verandah, Balcony, Wall Decoration, Round Pillar Decoration etc.

Artificial Leaf

Artificial Leaf is a leaf branch decoration which will make a great naturalistic look for creating a natural environment. The artificial leaf branch is 58cm length by 43cm width with a natural shade of green which is a perfect item to create a tropical green leaf indoor or semi-outdoor decoration concept. It can be creatively decorated as a beautiful natural green leaf wall hanging, arranged as a leaf branch hanging from the ceiling to create a garden concept, attach the leaves onto a wooden branch to create a decorative tree or display the leaves attractively as decoration for product showcase.

Applications:   Indoor Garden, Showroom, Event & Exhibition, Shop Display, Cafe & Restaurant, Bakery & Cake Shop, Hotel & Resort, Living Space, Study Room, Entrance, Reception Area, Walkway & Corridor etc.

Artificial Wheat

Wheat a nature's beauty, it is an ideal decorative product for creating a country farm barn atmosphere in your interior design ideas and concepts. It emanates a feeling of warmth to your home and brings you back to nature. Creatively design beautiful decor for your home, office, shop and event. The beautiful decorative wheat comes in a wonderful natural color shade of golden yellow wheat and fresh green wheat.

Applications:   Showroom, Shop Display, Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, Stage Performances, Boutique, Hotel, Chalet, Shopping Centre, Health Food and Nutrition Drink Promotions and Product Launching, Bakery, Cake House, Bread Shop, Cookie Kiosk, Hotdog & Burger Food Caravan, Cafe, Spaghetti & Pasta Restaurant, Pizzeria, Donut Chain, Pancake & Pie Stall, Fast Food Centre. Pau Stand , Noodle Restaurant, Ramen Shop, Dim Sum Dining etc.

Artificial Lavender

Artificial Lavender Flower is a beautiful decoration item with a lovely purple hue that is ideal for attractive interior decoration ideas and charming event themes. The artificial lavender flower with a 33cm height stature and spring green leaf is great for creating many wonderful indoor decoration ideas.

Applications:   Showroom, Event & Exhibition, Retail Shop, Wedding, Party & Aniversary, Cafe & Restaurant, Aromatheraphy & Perfume, Beauty & Spa, Saloon, Bread & Cake Shop, Hotel & Resort, Living Space, Study Room, Floral Decoration & Bouquet etc.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring made from recycled rubber materials are widely use for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. These High Elastic Prefabricated Rubber Flooring is slip resistant, durable, cushiony, shock absorbing with smooth corners and also sound absorbing.

Applications:   Fitness Center, Gymnasium, Shopping Mall, Showroom, Hotel, Office, School, Kindergarten, Playground, Pedestrian Lane, Hospital, Clinic, Factory, Waiting Room, Club, Factory, Home, Library, Auditorium, Theater, Music & Performing School, Recording Studio, Club, Karaoke Center, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Volleyball Court, Dance Room

Antistatic Rubber Flooring - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Antistatic Rubber Flooring or ESD Rubber Flooring (Electrostatic Discharge) is a sepcial type of rubber flooring designed to reduce demages caused by static electricity by discharging static electricity through grounding when the rubber is laid on the floor.

Applications:   Electronic Indusries, Microelectronic Industries, Semi Conductor Industries, Integrated Circuit Industries, Factory Manufacturing Plant, Assembly Line Conveyer Belt, Computer Server Room, Laboratory, Computer and Mobile Phone Repair Workshop

Interlock Sport Tiles

Interlock Sport Tiles are molded from rubber/polypropylene which has excellent resiliency, traction, color retention, durability and shock absorption. It is a type of flooring tile specially design for indoor and outdoor sport courts that is available in many colors.

Applications:   Badminton Court, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Futsal Court, Multipurpose Sport Surfaces, Aerobic Flooring, Dance Flooring, Patio, Playground, Recreation Park, Locker Room, Bathroom, Showroom etc.

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