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Wheat Decoration
for Renovation & Interior Design

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Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Wheat for Renovation & Interior Design

Decorating Your Living Spaces with A Style of Mother Nature
Wheat Decoration ~ A Designer & Renovator Choice

It emanates a feeling of warmth to your home and brings you back to nature. Wheat Decoration for you to create and design beautiful decor for your home, office, shop and event. Available in a wonderful natural color shade of golden yellow wheat and fresh green wheat. It is an ideal choice for creating a country farm barn atmosphere in your interior design ideas and concepts.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Wheat for Renovation & Interior Design

Wheat Decoration for Bakery, Cake House, Bread Shop, Cookie Kiosk and Hotdog & Burger Food Caravan
Wheat Flour is the essential ingredient used in making bread, cake, cookie, biscuit and many different types of confectionery. It is the key food grain that is use to make many of our daily carbohydrate diet needs especially in the bakery industry. However, we often forget that the flour is actually made from the humble 'Wheat" grain. It also remind kids that these bread and confectionary are made from wheat. Design bakeries with a wholesome nature concept with decorative wheat. It can be nicely decorated as a table top centerpiece among the bread, presented in country style baskets, displayed as partition at the seating area or just placed around as a lovely natural decoration. Wheat decoration can make your customers feel cozy and comfortable with an earthly ambience.

Brighten Up Cafe, Spaghetti & Pasta Restaurant, Pizzeria, Donut Chain, Pancake & Pie Stall, and Fast Food Centre with Decorative Wheat
Natural Setting Decor concepts are gaining popularity in cafe, pizzeria, restaurant and fast food Centre interior design. Decorative items such as wheat bundles are ideal to soften the hard feel decoration with a soft and natural looking atmosphere - back to nature with rustic look. Display of wheat bundles and sheaves emanates a cottage ambience that will make the guest feel like they are dining in 'Home Sweet Home' and remind them of nature that provides us with natural wholesome ingredients that gives us good health.

Asian & Oriental Style Wheat Decoration for Noodle Restaurant, Ramen Shop, Dim Sum Dining and Pau Stand
Noodle or more commonly know as “Mee” or “Mi” in Malaysia is a favorite food that is served in a variety of style and taste. The origin of these delicious noodles is made from the basic ingredient of the humble natural wholesome wheat. Unlike popular myth that wheat flour is used only in western cuisine, in actual fact wheat flour is used in many asian and oriental cooking such as noodle, ramen, pan mee, dim sum, gyoza, pau and many other popular dishes. Eateries which serves asian and oriental cuisins can creatively decorate the restaurant and dining area with decorative wheat. It enhances and beautifies the ambience of the surroundings and it also adds a touch of contemporary modernism to the classic asian oriental setting. Wheat is also an emblem of good luck which symbolizes life, nourishment and prosperity.

Wheat Sheaf Decoration for Hotel and Chalet
Simple, Elegant and Timeless Wheat Centrepiece is widely use in hotels, reception concourse, coffee house, hi-tea lounge, ballroom, restaurant and pub. Create a natural environment and rustic atmosphere where the guest will feel comfortable in such a nature setting.

Wheat Stalks for Health Food and Nutrition Drink Promotions and Product Launching
In today's health conscious society, health food is becoming popular as an essential product for the entire family. With growing demand from both the young and old communities for better health, various types of health food and beverages made from natural wholesome grains such as wheat, oat and malt with special nutrition is building a niche market that is lucrative - nutirtious drink, muesli, biscuits, energy bar and many other health snacks. From medical benefits such as lowering cholestrol, improving digestion, vitamin requirements and many other goodness, natural grain such as wheat, oat and meal is a vital food to our body for good health. Health Food Product companies can enhance and take their promotion campaign one step further by displaying decorative wheat just to introduce and give a visual idea to clients about the ingredients of the health food. Decorative Wheat will be a captivating attraction to city dwellers who may pass by the health food booth at train stations and shopping malls as well as an educational and knowledgeable model for children to learn about wheat. Decorative artificial wheat can also be displayed to resemble oat and malt.

Decoration Wheat for Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows and Stage Performances
Wheat has a significant meaniing in life as it is a cereal grain that is a main ingredient in many staple food diets of the world. It carries the meaning of abundance, success, stability and good harvest. Traditionally, sheaves of wheat is carried as bridal bouquet as it symbolizes fertility, rejuvenation and improvement. Wheat bundle decoration is ideal for creating special themes for various events and occasions such as weddings, fashion show, product launching, party, thanksgiving table, stage performance and other fun activities. It can be creatively displayed into floral bouquet arrangements, made into corsarge and boutonnières as well as ribbon tied into a wonderful looking wheat bundles that can be carried in the hand or displayed as decoration.

Wheat Bundles as Gift Items, Art & Craft, Floral Display and Festive Ornament
Many art & craft items can be creatively designed using wheat sheaves such as decorative wall hanging, decorative table arrangements, corsarges special gift items and festive ornaments for various festival celebration.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Artificial Wheat for Renovation & Interior Design

Where to buy Wheat Decoration for Renovation & Interior Design in Malaysia?
Wheat Decoration is currently available to customers in Malaysia at Hippers Original (Bangsar – Kuala Lumpur). Whether you are an interior designer creating showroom concepts, a brand and marketing manager who requires decoration for your product promotional activities, an event organiser who require special displays for your occasion or an individual who enjoys decorating your home and doing art and craft as a hobby, we have artificial wheat decoration that may be suitable for your requirement. Our collection of Artificial Wheat Decoration comes in a beautiful color shade of Golden Yellow and Fresh Green suitable for various indoor decoration.

Decoration Wheat supply for renovation and interior design
is currently available at Hippers Original Malaysia.

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