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Artificial Grass for
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Hippers Original Malaysia – Natural Style Artificial Grass for Renovation & Landscaping

In recent years, artificial grass has been widely used for enhancing and beautifying house and office environment. Natural Style Artificial Grass is ideal for giving a fresh new image to living spaces with new renovation concepts and also nicely enhance the fields with green grassy landscaping ideas. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor application which makes it practical for creating green ambience in various places where it is difficult for natural grass to grow and thrive beautifully all year round.

Creating A Touch Of Green in the Modern Living Space with
“Minor Renovation and Artificial Grass”

Artificial Grass Solution For Areas With Architectural Constraints For Natural Plants To Grow
Renovation ideas and creativity have move towards the concept of incorporating green plants as a prominent feature of interior design decoration as well as for aesthetic and utility purposes at building outdoor areas such as fields, playground and public areas. Artificial grass is a good alternative for use in areas where there are architectural constraints for natural grass to grow such as places where there is no sunlight or lacking, places where the sunlight is too scorching and dry that it is difficult for real plants to survive, fields and soil area that are too soggy during rainy weathers as well as areas where there are no drains or not suitable for real plants to grow where soil will cause clogged drains. Building designers and contractors can do minor renovations such as floor cement leveling, soil ground leveling, constructing plant boxes or creating mini garden feature area with fountain and proceed to innovatively install artificial grass in both indoor and outdoor areas to create an aesthetically beautiful natural green field image.

Upgrading Premises into A Fresh New Look by Refurbishment with Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass is a very useful product for refurbishment of old houses, shops and offices. It can be used to enhance old places into a very beautiful and comfortable area with a fresh and green new look. Old tiles which are unsightly can also be transformed into a fresh new look by laying the artificial grass on top without the hassle of having to hack the floor or to dig the old tiles. The artificial grass can also be laid in run-down areas to re-design and create warm and cozy corners at old buildings such as balcony, reading corner, waiting area or reception and concourse area.

Creating A Better Environment For Living & Working by Incorporating Artificial Grass into the Renovation Plan
In today’s modern living, people living in the city are trapped in the concrete urban jungle. A home environment without green will give you a depressive feeling and stuffy atmosphere. Homes with only furniture and fittings is feels hard without a character. Psychologically, a home without a green environment is bad for the mental health of children and adult. It is important to create a green area in the home where families can relax and chill out to reduce mental stress and pressure instead of just looking at the dull grey cement floor. As such it is important to incorporate a green area in your office renovation layout and home improvement plan. In modern building structures where space is scarce and limited by architectural constraints such as drainage, a small green corner can be created using artificial grass in areas such as balcony, under the stairway, reading corner or rest area. This is where Natural Style Artificial Grass will come in to give a soft touch and enhance the surroundings to give it a green ambience environment.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Texture of Natural Style Artificial Grass

Green Ambience with “Minimal Maintenance through Artificial Grass Landscaping”

Creating A Comfy Living Space by Landscaping an Indoor Garden or Balcony with Artificial Grass
In today’s urban modern living, the home is an important retreat for relaxation after a hectic and busy day at work. Having an indoor garden at home would be an ideal place to relax and recline physically and mentally, just a small area in the apartment to stretch out and perform yoga or a reading corner to quietly enjoy the books. Natural Style Artificial Grass has a silky and comfy texture making it ideal for indoor home decoration as it creates a soft touch to the surrounding environment. The artificial grass can be use to create a spa like atmosphere with amber color lighting and a nice indoor garden landscape in various styles such as Malaysian, Balinese or Thai. The Natural Style Artificial Grass is also suitable for other forms of garden landscaping designs such as Western styles such as English Garden, French & Provencal Garden and Tuscan Garden or Oriental styles such as Chinese Garden or Japanese Zen Garden. Natural Style Artificial Grass is also suitable for balcony areas to create a mini garden with a spring field landscape that emanates a feel of homely and family warmth.

Beautifying the Terrace by Landscaping an Outdoor Garden with Artificial Grass
Modern lifestyle needs a green home to come back. The modern generation work very hard for a living, going out early in the morning and coming back late at night. There is hardly any time left for a good living less said about keeping a green home with tidy lawn. The solution is to have an artificial grass lawn installed at your front and backyard which will be fresh looking, well kept and tidy throughout the year with very little maintenance.

Weeds are always growing faster than you are able to find time to handle, it keeps on growing very fast by the day. Fields that are not thriving well or fields with weeds and raw soil can be transformed into a beautiful fresh looking green field with artificial grass. Natural Style Artificial Grass is beautiful, fresh looking Summer Green, soft and comfortable which makes it ideal for landscaping of home and commercial building areas that needs enhancement for a better living and working environment.

Hippers Original Malaysia – Cross-Section of Natural Style Artificial Grass

Where to buy Artificial Grass for Renovation & Landscaping in Malaysia?

Natural Style Artificial Grass is currently available to customers in Malaysia at Hippers Original (Bangsar – Kuala Lumpur). Whether you are a building designer who require artificial grass for your architectural plan, a garden designer who require artificial grass for your landscaping requirements, or an apartment or house owner who wish to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) to decorate your home balcony and interiors, our artificial grass may be suitable for your requirement.

Our Natural Style Artificial Grass comes in a beautiful color shade of Summer Green for the main grass surface with Earth Brown at the base grass structure which looks like real natural grass in the meadow. It also has a soft feel and is comfortable when you walk and relax on the artificial grass.

You can bring all these close to your home and office when you install our Natural Style Artificial Grass in your garden, home or work place. It is a wonderful product that enhances the appearance of your premises such as retail shops, restaurants, cafe, office, houses, condominium, recreation park, playground and other places of attraction. Beautify your surroundings with the natural looking, soft feel and comfortable Natural Style Artificial Grass today!

Natural Style Artificial Grass supply for renovation and landscaping
is currently available at Hippers Original Malaysia.

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